Hajj 2020 selection process - Saudi Arabia is taking extreme measures in the fight against Coronavirus, extra cleaning services during HAJJ 2020 will be carried out

Hajj 2020 selection process revealed by Saudi Arabia

Hajj 2020 will be different this year, at one stage it even looked unlikely, however, The Saudi Hajj council has revealed plans for the selection process for this year’s Hajj pilgrimage.

They have divided the selection into two categories, Saudi’s from the Kingdom and special non-Saudi’s residents. Seventy percent of this year’s pilgrims will be non-Saudis residing in the Kingdom and 30 percent will be Saudis.

Then theres strict criteria of selection, only nationals who are healthcare workers and security forces who have recovered from the virus will be allowed to perform Hajj, as a way of showing appreciation for their efforts in fighting the virus in the country.

Authorities will use a database of names of those who have been serving on the frontlines when they became infected with the virus then recovered.

Hajj 2020 Selection process

Priority will be given to non-Saudis – ages between 20 and 50 years old – residing in the Kingdom. However, they must meet the following criteria, as reported by SPA:

– Do not have any pre-existing conditions
– Must have a PCR test certificate showing negative results
– Did not previously perform the Hajj pilgrimage
– Must commit to abiding by the required quarantine period decided by the Ministry of Health before and after performing the Hajj pilgrimage

The registration process will be available for five days starting from Monday July 6 until Friday July 10, SPA reported.

The ministry added that the non-Saudi participants will be randomly selected through an electronic system. Those selected must submit all required documents within a specified deadline upon notification.

Saudi Arabia’s Coronavirus Numbers

Saudi Arabia’s health ministry has developed high health standards and implemented precautionary measures for the Hajj pilgrimage, according to the Saudi Press Agency SPA.

On Sunday Saudi Arabia announced the weekly update of 58 deaths from COVID-19 and 3,580 new infections.  The new figures bring the official total in the Kingdom to 209,509 infections and 1,916 deaths. 

Saudi Arabia’s Center for Disease Prevention and Control issued on Sunday coronavirus-related safety measures and restrictions for the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage season.


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