Miss Pakistan, from Ukraine, wants to work in Lollywood is learning Urdu

The Curious Tale of Anzhelika Tahir, a model with Pakistani roots based in Ukraine and who holds the Miss Pakistan World title. Has embarked on a career in Lollywood.

She has quickly become a national icon and is representing Pakistan in various Fashion and entertainment industry pageants and events around the globe.

She is determined to become a true Pakistani, learning the language embracing the traditions and living a life in her father’s homelands.

Anzhelika is of mixed heritage, her father is Pakistani and her mother is Ukranian. Although she spent most of the youth in Ukraine living with her mother, she has decided that she will use her platform as Miss Pakistan to kick start a career in the Pakistani Entertainment industry Lollywood.

Miss supranational pakistan-2018-anzhelika tahir

Her pageant career started with her win at Miss Pakistan World in 2015 and then she was sent off to various pageants around the world to represent Pakistan. She is the first Pakistani of mixed descent to win the title of Miss Pakistan World.

For the first time in the history of the Miss Pakistan World pageant, Anzhelika Tahir walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival representing the Miss Pakistan World brand.

The determined Pakistani was focussed on representing her country in the Miss Pakistan Paegent, that was held in Toronto, Canada.

Once she found out about the pageant,  she started to think about how to get there.

Miss Pakistan

Her journey was a surreal one, first, she had to prove her nationality. Once she provided her documents to the Pakistani Pageant organisers that showed that she is of Pakistani origin her career took off.

Not satisfied with a just title, she is working on learning the Urdu language. And said in a recent interview on TV “That it’s a little difficult for me because during the period I was growing up I was speaking English with my dad. I just know a couple of words in Urdu and it’s certainly a different language, but I’m working on my skills and believe that soon I’ll be an Urdu speaker.”

She also considers herself to be a Pakistani at heart, despite growing up in Ukraine she has a special bond with her fathers country. Establishing herself as Lollywood actress.

She describes her new career with a lot of desire and passion and said “Lollywood is growing. It’s so much better than it was before when I just started my career in Pakistan and I’m really impressed: the trailers that I see, the movies that we’re waiting for are incredible”.

It’s been a pretty amazing journey for the former Miss Pakistani. And is looking forward to working with the stars in Lollywood. The Bollywood film industry has also approached her for some roles but is still searching for the right one.

For now, she considers herself a Lollywood actress. Maybe it will happen in the future, but right now I’m looking forward to working with the Pakistani industry and not thinking about anything else.



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