About Us

The Ummah Magazine is a lifestyle magazine and online Muslim centric newshub. We focus on relevant, engaging and informative news, current affairs, lifestyle, comments, profiles, arts and entertainment, and more. With a comon derivative of Islam, or relating to Muslims in General.

We are working on launching a special news hub for breaking news about Muslims globally. Which can be used a wonderful resource to stay up to date with Muslim related news and information from around the globe.

Our ideology is not based around preaching, but instead we focus on sharing ‘the good message’, the benevolent message, indeed the message of Islam.

We are also focussed on providing a platform that enables people to educate and inform policy-makers, officials and politicians about the latest research and developments, as well as on the results of our community improvement program. We do this through our conferences, panel debates, workshops, policy briefings, advocacy work and publications and monthly magazine.

We established the Network for corporation within the European Generation North American to empower leaders who are working with – and within – communities of Muslim heritage in Europe to engage in initiatives and promote successful integration.

Our Network members, based in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the UK and Ireland, continue to work with NGOs, national governments and their agencies, academic and other stakeholders on preventing radicalisation, ensuring the issue remains in the public eye.