Ramadhan Kareem - Saudi Arabia confirms the start of the holy month

Ramadhan Kareem – Saudi Arabia confirms the start of the holy month

The Ummah Magazine has the pleasure of announcing the 1st day of Ramadhan 2021 will be
Tuesday 13th April 2021

According to an official announcement on Monday by the Saudi Royal court “Tuesday, April 13, is the first of Ramadan for the year 1442H,” the Supreme Court was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the Saudi royal court.

This will be the second year when Ramadan will be observed amid COVID-19 precautionary measures.

The statement further said the Supreme Court held a session to receive testimonies of those who sighted the Ramadan crescent this evening. After looking into the testimonies it received, the Supreme Court confirmed that the moon was sighted in several governorates and rural centres of the Kingdom.

Wishing you a blessed Ramadhan

Ramadhan Kareem to all who are starting Ramadhan today. May this Ramadhan be a means of mercy, blessings & forgiveness. Remember all who were with us last Ramadhan & are not with us this Ramadhan.

May ‎ﷲ‎‬ bless you & your families. Ameen. May our ramadhan be accepted. Ameen

Let’s make the most of the next 30 days & strive towards changing our lives for the better, forgive everyone & start fresh. We have forgiven everyone.

#BeTheummah #Bebetter – This years message for Ramadhan 2021 – Some countries are still under lockdown rules so please pray safely and follow the local guidelines of your Masjids and Imams.


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