Jemima Goldsmith on Wednesday blasted her former spouse, Prime Minister Imran Khan, over his controversial comments linking the crime of rape with vulgarity.

Has Imran Khan changed from the cornered tiger to politician?

Imran Khan was a maverick, he was a maverick cricketer, a maverick opposition leader, the term cornered tiger is how he lived his live, when youre in aconrer come out swinging. He applied this same philophsopy to his poiliitcs, but perhaps that was limited to his leadership whilst in opposition.

On Wednesday Jemima Goldsmith accused her ex-husband, Prime Minister Imran Khan, over his controversial comments linking the crime of rape with a lack of modesty by the females in society.

Jemima Laments how the Prime Minister has changed, says, “The Imran I knew used to say, ‘Put a veil on the man’s eyes, not on the woman.'”

She went on to quote a verse from the Holy Quran, Jemima said the onus of the horrific crime of sexual assault is “on men”.

“Say to the believing men that they restrain their eyes and guard their private parts,” she wrote on Twitter, citing the verse from Surah An-Nur.

Imran Khan made a statement where he linked the lack of modesty in Pakistani society, with the rise of sexual violence, including rape in society.

Now, this statement has been misquoted in a lot of the media and the Daily mail has been especially creative with their headlines, but his suggestion was an example of political response to a problem that can’t be resolved overnight.

Imran Khan the Opposition Leader

Imran khan the opposition leader would have hounded the powers that be for such statement, but this is an example of how politics tarnishes the religion.

In Islam, protection for women in society is granted as an absolute. It is the duty of society and its leadership to ensure it is safe for ‘her’ to express herself. It is not predicated on the female gender being timid in society or that she adhere to certain dress code to be safe. Security from predators is a responsibility for the leadership, or khalifate, to ensure every woman is safe, whether she practises or believes in Islam or does not.

The concept of modesty, in Islam, is to “keep temptation in check”, the Pakistani Prime Minister had said. There are many such people in society who “cannot keep their willpower in check” and that “it had to manifest itself in some way”.

This was referenced by Jemima when she suggested the Imran Khan of the 90’s would have stood up for every woman’s rights without backing down. Today it seems the Prime Minister is lacking the fortitude of his earlier convictions.

His statement was in response to a question of more government legislation and enforcement in Pakistan, where the majority of sexual attacks go unreported and this can be attributed to many reasons.

The simplest of which is there is a lack support in the country for the venerable in reporting the crimes committed, preventing the backlash to the individual and the immediate family and arguably the most significant cost involved is too much to bear for most of the countries population.


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