NHS staff are the last ones to see the COVID-19 victims alive, no family members are present coronavirus

“I had to say goodbye via video link to my mum” Zac Hussain – Muslim Aid

People are having to use video links to say their last goodbyes to dying relatives with Covid-19 because hospitals are curtailing visits to prevent spread of the virus.

In a sad scene that is increasingly being played out out across the country, in the early hours of Wednesday morning a patient with coronavirus was taken off a ventilator at a hospital in London.

This morning, we received news of the death, that may not seem immediately unusual but the chilling impact of the story should serve as a rude awakening for the Ummah. The brutality of the coronavirus pandemic is real. It does not discriminate and is as serious as, if not more than what we all been reading.

“Their final farewell was via video and an hour later she passed away.”

This is a message we received from Naeem on the passing of someone he knows, perhaps many of you know him but the chilling nature of this message should serve as reminder to the Ummah; “From Allah (swt) we come, to Allah (swt) is the Return.”

‘ It is with great sadness that I share news of the passing of the mother of Zac Hussain, Fundraising and Marketing Director at Muslim Aid. She passed away last night due to COVID-19.
I spoke to Zac earlier today and he advised that she was taken ill last night and their final farewell was via video and an hour later she passed away.
May Allah grant her ease, accept her as a Shaheed, shower her grave with noor and sakeenah.
May He grant Zac and his family Sabr to deal with their loss.
May he reunite them in Jannah. Ameen.

Until now I’ve been fairly distant as in losing as a loved one in the current COVID-19 Pandemic.
Our connection thus far has been the news, social media and the charitable and social work we do.’

Zac Hussain working for Muslim Aid

Victims of COVID-19 are dying in hospital isolation without any family or friends. Visits are banned because the risk of contagion is too high.

While health authorities say the virus cannot be transmitted posthumously, it can still survive on clothes for a few hours. This means corpses are being sealed away immediately and funerals are being limited to those trained specialists, excluding family.

This pandemic kills twice. First, it isolates you from your loved ones right before you are about to die. and then in time, it takes your life. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow your family to get closure. Families are being left devastated and are finding it hard to accept.

A junior doctor at a London hospital, said mobile phones – and chargers – were critical for Covid-19 patients to prevent them from being completely isolated from those emotionally closest to them. And went onto say “while technology was only a partial substitute for face-to-face contact relatives of dying patients should be reassured that staff were doing their best to make them feel loved.”

The message from Naeem went on to say ‘For the first time I have felt the real pain and closeness of this crisis, having performed Hajj with Zac, working together in the Charity sector and I met him a week or so ago, hours before the crisis became Pandemic in London. May Allah make this easy for us all and protect us and our loved ones.’

From Allah (swt) we come, to Allah (swt) is the Return.

Naeem Raza, is a charity consult who shared the message with us, and is a friend of Zac Hussain who works as for the charity Muslim Aid, based in East London.


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