Boris Johnson elected as PM of UK - his first official day will be tomorrow as he moves into Downing street

Boris has the Job he always wanted – Muslim perspective & reaction

The announcement, delayed by several minutes, was made at The Queen Elizabeth II Centre today at around 12:05 (BST). Mr Johnson had arrived through a back door to the building avoiding the protesters outside the main entrance. 

“Can we be kinder to the next Prime Minister than we have been to the current Prime Minister?” said Tory backbencher, Charles Walker. 

Mr Johnson claimed 92,153 number of votes against Mr Hunt’s 46,656. A high turnout of Conservatives voted estimated at 87%.  

Many Muslims fear the appointment of the radical mercurial former Mayor of London. And in some circles has been cast as the Trump’s perfect partner. Many have vocalised their disappointment on social media and are urging Corbyn to force a 2nd referendum before October.

He is a man with a history of controversial comments that raise eyebrows. Take for example, his comments about letterboxes for women wearing the Niqab or face veil, which was followed by a rise in hate incidents against Niqab wearing women.

He also wrote a paper on Islam a decade ago, where he stated that Islam had left the Muslim world centuries behind.

He has also stated as Mayor of London how he championed social inclusion and ensured the diversity of London was captured in his tenure. Many remain sceptical.

Jeremy Corbyn called for a general election and argued Johnson has not “won the support of our country.”

“Boris Johnson has won the support of fewer than 100,000 unrepresentative Conservative Party members by promising tax cuts for the richest, presenting himself as the bankers’ friend, and pushing for a damaging No Deal Brexit,” the Labour Party leader tweeted.

Johnson praised both Mr Hunt and Theresa May. In his speech, he confirmed he will get “Brexit done” by October 31st, unite the country and stop Jeremy Corbyn from getting into office. 

The outgoing Ms May tweeted “Many congratulations to @BorisJohnson on being elected leader of the @Conservatives- we now need to work together to deliver a Brexit that works for the whole UK and to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of government. You will have my full support from the backbenches.”

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted: “Congratulations to Boris Johnson on becoming the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He will be great!”

Tomorrow, Wednesday 24th July will be Boris Johnson’s, officially, his first day in charge, as he walks into Downing street and rolls out his plan for Brexit, stricter controls on Muslim organisations and Mosques and giving more freedom to security services to monitor terror backed investigations.


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