Taliban attack kills at least 12 in central Afghanistan

Taliban attack kills at least 12 in central Afghanistan

12 people were killed in Afghanistan by a Taliban-claimed attack on a military compound. According to officials, the insurgents continue to batter the war-torn country’s beleaguered security forces.

The attack began after a vehicle loaded with explosives rammed into the entrance of a compound in Maidan Shahr — the capital of Wardak province that lies about 50 kilometres south of the capital Kabul.

At least three gunmen stormed the base following the explosion, igniting a firefight with Afghan security forces. All three gunmen were later killed in the exchange, according to a provincial official.

“So far our reports show 12 have been killed and 20 wounded, most of whom were Afghan security forces,” Akhtar Mohammad Taheri, the head of Wardak provincial council told agencies.

The Taliban have been waging a 17-year war against the Western-backed Afghan government and the Taliban later claimed responsibility for the assault.

The attack comes a day after a Taliban suicide bomber targeted the convoy of Logar province´s governor, killing at least seven security guards.

Fights between security forces and Taliban fighters have continued to intensify across the country during the frigid Afghan winter, which traditionally experiences a lull in fighting.

The recent Taliban attacks come as Washington is stepping up efforts for a peace deal that could pave the way for the Taliban´s participation in the next government, with the US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad visiting regional powers this month after meeting Taliban representatives in December.

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